Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Wedding Prince William & Kate Middleton

Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton. Great Wedding UK become the world's attention all the time. Evidenced by marriage Princess Diana & Prince Charles in 1981, where the grand wedding was immediately broadcast to the world, and on that day the United Kingdom are also excluded, to give people a chance to see the marriage of King & Queen their candidate.
Royal Wedding Prince William & Kate Middleton
And our times, after 30 years of marriage Princess Diana's well-lovedall over the the world since the days of beauty and charm of his life ,also because of her kindness to visit people suffering from leprosy and charity ,now turn her Son who will be the center of international attention on April 29 2011. Everything was prepared very well organized, and very detailed.

Kate Middleton is the perfect partner for Prince William, because in addition to the smart, pretty, lots of smiles, she also comes from a happy and perfect family. Happiness and perfection is what radiates from her every step and smile, which always bring William with Kate.

At this wedding, even since the announcement of the engagement after Kate &William's friends and dating for 8 years, the entire world's attention fixed on the British Empire, which at its peak later, 29 April 2011, the entire United Kingdom has been closed and many roads are closed in order to maintain security. And the whole world will pray for happiness for the future King & Queen of Great Britain.

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